Does Worry Cause You to Avoid Life?


Most people have something that they are afraid of......snakes, spiders, heights, clowns! These worries often change as we move into the different stages of life.  Kids and teens have different worries than their parents.  We all have them from time to time. However, when these worries get in the way of how we live our lives, how we parent or how we communicate with our partner, we need to take a closer look. Are you truly living the life you were meant to live or is your anxiety limiting your potential?

Anxiety demands certainty
We can be sure of such few things in life and that can be scary.  It can be downright debilitating to people who get lost in the "what if's" of life.   Because people with anxiety tend to have pretty great imaginations, those "what if's" can be terrifying! These scenarios can become consuming to the anxious person. So, naturally, in order to provide certainty and comfort to their anxious mind, they avoid. Think about some of the things that you avoid because of what could go wrong.  You may not realize how much you limit yourself!

Take action and step into life
Untreated anxiety can lead to depression.  When people avoid and stop connecting, they become isolated and get depressed. The opposite of avoidance is action!  How can you stop avoiding and start stepping into your life?  The same way you would approach any new skill or project, in steps.  Anxiety makes things seem huge and insurmountable.  

You don't have to do it all at once! Step by step you can learn how to manage your anxiety. Maybe the first step is calling a therapist who specializes in treating anxiety, maybe it's reading more about how anxiety works, or maybe it's just deciding that you no longer want to avoid life!