My Unique Approach to Preventing and Treating Perinatal Disorders

In my experience, expecting and new parents seek out help because they want to improve some aspect of their experience. This is commonly because the reality doesn’t match what their expectations are. Sometimes, older, deeper issues and experiences affect the outcome of therapy…but most often I find that mothers and fathers don’t know HOW to focus on the steps they need to take or even WHAT skills they need to develop. 

New parents can spend a lot of time and money looking for the answers to WHY questions. “Why don’t I feel joy now that my baby is here”, “Why can’t I relax when someone else is holding my baby”, “Why am I having difficulty breastfeeding”,  “Why won’t my baby sleep?”

When you are exhausted and worried about your baby and the way you are feeling, finding the answers to the WHY questions becomes all consuming. It’s at this time that the “wild goose chase” often begins for a new family. Well-meaning providers refer the new mother and father to the breastfeeding experts and the sleep specialists and the psychiatrists and more. Afterwards, they are even more exhausted and confused! With a new family there is such a thing as “too many cooks in the kitchen.” Parents aren’t finding the solutions that last and many find themselves in a similar spot weeks or months later or after the arrival of a second baby.

I describe myself as a HOW therapist. My work with mothers and fathers is grounded in developing and teaching solutions and strategies. Together, we create the skills they need and apply them to the challenges they face. The journey to becoming a parent is filled with brand new feelings and experiences. Like learning any new skill, it’s important to seek out the very best teacher for you!

More About Jackie

I’m a licensed professional counselor and psychotherapist in Fairfield, Connecticut.  I’ve been a therapist for 15 years and I specialize in the treatment of perinatal anxiety disorders and depression.  

Jackie and her daughters.

Jackie and her daughters.

In addition to my work as a perinatal mental health provider, I also offer lactation counseling to new mothers. I’m a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) with extensive training and education in lactation management skills, applicable to the IBCLC credentialing. My experience as a CLC has been both clinical and practical. As an experienced mother of two breastfed babies, my approach to treating breastfeeding issues comes from both first hand knowledge and clinical training. My experience includes supporting breastfeeding mothers in both a medical setting as a lactation counselor in a pediatric practice and in the community as a La Leche League leader.  Additionally, I am a trained labor and postpartum doula and have experience helping pregnant women prepare for birth as well as helping new parents develop practical skills to care for their newborn.

I received my BA in Psychology from The University of Central Florida, my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Manhattan College and I continue to train with experts in my field.